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Posted by Sam ( on March 19, 2000 at 05:03:46:

In Reply to: Re: Buddhist statue posted by Heather on March 15, 2000 at 16:50:32:

Actually, Hitler's version is a BACKWARDS swastika. See, Hitler was as smart as he was insane, and the man did his homework: since he was so obsessed with the Aryan race, he researched it in depth and discovered that the Aryans possibly originated in northern India (what he didn't know or didn't accept was that they probably didn't have the blond hair and blue eyes he so adored). Anyway, once he found that out, he started checking into their beliefs systems, and he came across the swastika (which had a different name over there) and found out it was a symbol that represented life and peace. The symbol is almost as old as the Aryan people themselves, and the Aryans are among the oldest civilizations on earth.

Anyway, Hitler -- whether actively or inadvertantly -- was a major practicioner of sympathetic magic; in other words, he did highly symbolic things in hopes of bringing about the actions or effects they represented. Since Hitler wanted total domination of Europe -- and the Machiavellian respect that required -- he took the Indian religious symbol and reversed it, meaning now death and war. I supposed he thought it would command fear from whoever faced it.

So there's your story of the swastika.

If you're curious about Hitler's fanaticism with symbolism, you should take a look at the SS troops' lightning-bolt collar letters. The jagged double 'S' they wore bears a striking resemblance to the Teutonic and Nordic rune for victory, called "sigel." Sounds an awful lot like "sieg heil," doesn't it?

Just a theory.

Anyway, everyone remember the original meaning of the Indian cross symbol, and have a happy, peaceful day.

Much compassion... Sam :)

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