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Posted by Bob Gould on November 04, 1998 at 14:35:27:

In Reply to: Confusion about the purpose of teachings posted by Paul Moore on November 04, 1998 at 07:49:28:

: I'm a seeker on the path and over the past while I have
: found myself drawn towards buddhism. In the reading I
: have done, which I must admit is not extensive, I find
: myself becoming very confused about the 'ultimate goal'
: of the buddhist faith. The 4 truths and 8 fold path
: make absolute sense to me.
: The part I have problems with is the no soul piece.
: What is the point of development if at the end of it
: there is just nothingness. I think I must be missing
: something fundamental here. How can the Dali Lama be
: reincarnated if there is not some vehicle for his
: 'personality' to survive on and how does samsara fit in
: to this concept.
: My own particular take until now is that some part(soul,
: spark of the eternal) of us survives and carries with it
: our higher learning to date in a cycle of death and rebirth so at
: some point we evolve to the point where we may be of
: service to humanity and life as a whole.

: Can someone clarify this for me.

: Thanks
: goes on

Paul You are quite right to assume there is something which goes on after death. In Buddhism it is called mind. It is differentiated from an eternal, un-changing soul because it is not un-changing. It is constantly in flux and consists of a very small seed of energy which carries the karmic imprints from life to life or death to rebirth. But it doesn't carry the personality. As long as there are karmic imprints on the mind there will continue to be rebirth not necessarily better or higher rebirths so it is very important to apply oneself to the practise while one has the chance . There is no guarantee that one will meet with the Dharma again in the next life or for a very long time.
Bodhirakchita Bob

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